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"Accurate data  means precision basin modelling"

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YOUR SUCCESS relies on ACCURATE data input.  Vitrinite refelctance is the most reliable and cost effective thermal maturation proxy. Optical characterization of organic matter is essential to model source rock potential and basin evolution.


Unlike some pyrolysis screening techniques, visual analysis is not effected by oil-based muds and other contaminants. Additionally, primary material is distinguished from recycled influxes and contaminant, eliminating ambiguity and provding CLEAN data for PRECISE basin modelling; saving millions in investment. Such quality data can only be provided by an experienced petrologist.

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We are a small, higly specialized and very experienced team dedicated to providing the best quality, accurate thermal maturation and organic matter typing data to industry and upstream research.


We have vast experience of most oil and gas producing basins of the world.  We can provide routine or specialised services, including contract research for the energy, environmental, achaeological and coal-based markets.


We offer:

  • Expert analysis

  • Experience

  • Quality, cusotmized reporting

  • Fast, reliable service

  • Confidentiality


We are a ONE-STOP service provider.  We offer full sample preparation and analysis with fast turnaround. Basic analyses include:

Vitrinite reflectance on whole rock or kerogen isolates. Visual kerogen typing and TAI/SCI analysis. Coal maceral counting. Analysis and reporting can be tailored to clients' needs.


We also offer:

  • Kerogen isolation

  • TOC

  • Rock-Eval pyrolysis

  • Isotope analysis

  • radiocarbon dating services

  • 2D-GC

  • Apaitie fission tracking

  • Biomarker analysis


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